Author Topic: What can we believe?  (Read 150 times)

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Re: What can we believe?
« on: November 25, 2017, 08:40:38 am »
I argued over ten years ago that the internet provides us with too much information. People mostly aren’t equipped to navigate it all, so they double down on what they want to believe and dig in.

I remember reading the objections of an upper-class lady to the creation of libraries in England, in centuries past.  "The people will learn things".  The 'too much information' thing happens naturally, and maybe the paradigm is best exemplified in Adam eating the apple.  The **** that guy learned with one bite...

And that's what human curiosity and technology do to us: provide us with a succession of Pandora's Boxes.  Literally nothing can be done to stop it.  Mitigating it is the best we can do, however technology always jumps up and cuts the legs out from under conventional wisdom, and tradition.  eg. Trump.

I claimed that this would lead to even deeper partisan divisions, but it has become so much worse than I imagined. In my naïveté, I never imagined a state actor taking advantage of this and intentionally sowing discord in this environment. It seems so obvious now. Why wouldn’t Russia use this to their advantage, namely by destabilizing the political and economic relationships within and between the nations that keep them in check.

Agreed.  The new challenge will either destroy the idea of countries and create the vaunted new world order, or will end it all for us in an environmental wasteland, or nuclearly devastated wasteland.