Author Topic: Russia and America to go war  (Read 470 times)

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Re: Russia and America to go war
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2022, 07:33:09 pm »
I think it's great that Canada and other NATO allies are gathering at the borders of those nations along Russia but we'll also have to watch our own borders. I don't think many people would want a war though .. we seen how ISIS destroyed beautiful historic buildings of various East Mediterranean nations. Shows a lot of ignorance of the uneducated, or glee of the educated psychotic leadership of those groups. It also shows us what can happen in other nations. We're watching Russians destroy beauty of Ukraine next to their people. There's Russian people who are also not supportive of the war but quiet since their own lives are in danger. It's terrible living for Ukraine and anti-war Russians. Easy for a leader to sit safely in his bunker and strategize but is that truly a leader? Whatever happened to 'in-person leading' the front lines? For now, I say let the NATO nations gather at the borders, ready. Democracy allows for freedoms and protecting it should be everybody's goal. I doubt ones like 'freedumb convoy' would be first to sign up to fight, js.
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