Author Topic: West-funded worldwide birth control/contraception program?  (Read 186 times)

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People in poverty stricken areas barely have a carbon footprint.  We're the problem, not them.

Much of China is still quite poor, but 1.3 billion people and increasing industrialization mean they produce twice the CO2 than the 2nd place leader (USA).  India has very low carbon output per person but still has 5x the CO2 output than Canada.  Poor people still need to eat, that's a lot of cattle farting LOL.  I'm not saying places like Canada don't need to do their part, but when China alone emits about 30% of the world's total CO2 output it's a problem.  If/when India industrializes (re: reduces its poverty) anywhere near China it's going to be a massive problem for the environment, not just CO2 but simply from a resources consumption perspective too.
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