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Re: Trump-Kim Deal
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:25:28 am »
So, Kim goes from world pariah and outcast to instant credibility and best bud of the man who has yet to meet a dictator he didn't like. He gets a nice propaganda video supplied by America to show the folks back home, the US to stop war games and if all comes to pass get the sanctions lifted, can carry on killing his opponents, including relatives in foreign airports and persecuting his people. All he has to do is give up a limited nuclear capability that he couldn't use and survive and SK and Japan are going to pay for it. Well played young Kim, your daddy didn't raise no dummy. Those nukes were the best investment you ever made, maybe Canada should get some.

Trump gets a piece of paper to wave and claim a win. He had to get something after blowing up the G7.

Still, it could be very good thing if it all comes to pass.
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