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Re: The UN Needs To Go
« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2019, 04:14:43 pm »
There may have been some good things that have been done under the banner of the U.N. I guess to me the question is, would the stuff still have gotten done had the U.N. not existed.

Yes, there have been several successful U.N. peacekeeping missions... but if the U.N. didn't exist, its possible that other organizations would step up to fulfill the mission. For example, peacekeeping in Somalia was largely done by the African Union (they were acting with the permission of the U.N. security council, but it was still largely an A.U. mission.)

And yes, there have been U.N. humanitarian missions. But plenty of international aid gets provided directly by donor countries, and without U.N., donor countries could increase the amount of direct aid.

Something like the World Health Organization does good work, but they could possibly be established as an independent organization (with a membership that reflects the current U.N.)
Anything is possible I suppose except the idea that Earth's nations should or even could unite seems virtually and increasingly verboten. Enough people simply hate and or fear the idea for it to ever get the traction it needs.  I suppose it's possible that a group of morally grounded nations with measurably verifiable integrity might coalesce around a civilized set of principled values but not these days, not even close.

I'm reminded of the question Dr. Ellie Arroway wanted to ask advanced aliens in the movie Contact - "How did you do it, how did your species survive it's adolescence?"
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