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Re: The Syrian Conflict in a Nutshell
« on: April 08, 2017, 06:53:48 pm »
Agreed, it is an extremely complicated cunundrum and I wouldn't doubt ISIS is applauding Trump's reaction although I can't fault him for trying to do something after seeing those images of especially the children burned or killed by Sarin. However I see to day that Russian aircraft, probably flown by Syrians are using the same runways today to launch further attacks on the same city they did the nerve gas drop. We'll see what the US does next, you know after Trump finishes his golf game, but I think if he's serious at all he ought to go to congress for the next move. But you could be right, it may have just been an attempt to distance himself from the Putin connection the news has been continuously discussing. I'm sure we've all seen some of the interviews with Syrians who feel hopeful that maybe someone is finally coming to help them out. Fingers crossed those hopes aren't dashed yet again. I'm not confident though.

The Americans were clear that they did not make any attempt to destroy the base or to hit the poison gas supplies. It was a message. And that is "Don't do that again". I'm sure the Syrians and Russians have taken the message to heart.
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