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Re: The Syrian Conflict in a Nutshell
« on: April 08, 2017, 06:48:26 pm »
The Americans were supporting the rebellion. It's a proxy war that has two sides. It's wrong to say it's all the Americans' fault, but it's just as wrong to downplay their influence there too.

Well, according to that they're not doing a hell of a lot. They tried to get arms and training to the rebels but most of the rebels are too hostile for that, so all they've really done is bomb some ISIS areas and try to cultivate the Kurds, who the Turks and Iraqis and Syrians all hate about as much as ISIS does. The proxy war seems to mostly be between Iran and the Suunis, not the US and Russia. Though there's no question Russia has provided WAAYY more help to Syria than the US has to anyone else.
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