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Re: The Islamic World
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I undertand math very well thank you. The problem is you don't seem to understand logic. As I pointed out, if you continue that cycle you will get to 225% of the population being Muslim in 2071. The problem is not math, it is your lack of logic. You cannot extrapolate such a simple metric and expect it to hold, that is beyond foolishness it is plain impossible.

If I'd ever taken that position, perhaps, but I never did. I haven't suggested we carry forward with the progression to infinity. However, there is nothing which indicates, nothing I have read, which suggests that the progression is slowing.  It's virtually certain that the numbers will have risen to 6.5% by next assessment in four years. Beyond that is, of course, less certain, but if the current progression remains unchanged, including Muslims in Canada having a lot more kids than others, and a continuing influx of Muslims from abroad, there's no reason to think their numbers won't continue to grow rapidly. Why should there be without change? This is a progression which has been going on for over forty years now, after all.
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