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Re: The Islamic World
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Concerning refugees, you should check this out.

Certainly not perfect, but I would like to know what more is reasonable to expect.

I've seen it. But first of all it's only referring to the refugees in Syria, not to immigrants in general. Second, It's clearly nothing more than soothing blather. If you look beneath the soothing words and exercise your mind you'll realize that. For example, I'm sure you'll be pleased that they do health screening. But uh... for what? That screening clearly does not stop us from accepting refugees with severe and permanent disabilities and other health issues which will place a high burden on social and health services. We know this because of all the reports of refugees being treated in hospitals, including for blindness, severe psychological illnesses and other disabilities, as example:

Again, they say they interview refugees. That's nice. But what do they ask? They check out any documents? Presuming they have any documents. But how do they do that? Do they go to the Syrian government to ask? Well, obviously no. So this is largely meaningless. Especially since fake documents are all over the place over there - as I just posted.

They did security screening? All that means, and they say it right there, is checking their names against databases. So if they're not on a known terrorist watch list they're good to come over.
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