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Re: The Islamic World
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Iran is our fourth biggest source and it's a fraction of the people that come from our third biggest source and nowhere even remotely close to the second or first countries.

My point is you blow a lot of hot air about a problem that isn't anywhere near as big as you make it out to be.

We don't have a record of how many Muslims immigrate to Canada each year. At least 50,000 from the above countries, but certainly more. After all, there are a lot of Muslims in India and the Philippines, as well as Nigeria, another country in the top 25. The Muslim population in Canada is doubling every 7-10 years and has been since 1971. In the last household survey, in 2011, there were just over 1 million, or 3.2% of the population. By the next survey, in 4 years, that will likely be 6.5%. And by the one after that? 13%? We're talking very substantial numbers here, and with a cultural value set which was born in the harsh cultures of the middle east and has not shown signs of substantial changes. By way of comparison Muslims make up 11% of the population in France.

Does that mean by 2031 we'll have to have soldiers with automatic weapons guarding every Jewish school, temple and community centre here like they do in France? Are we going to have regular riots too?

Maybe not. But why should we take the chance given that this region also produces the least economically successful immigrants of all our source regions?
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