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Re: The Islamic World
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Or if you have a foreign sounding name, you won't even get a call, regardless of your skills. That's a problem with systemic racism,  not the applicants themselves.

And yet there seem to be an awful lot of people with foreign sounding names employed in our major cities. Someone must be hiring.

Also, most of our source countries are in Southeast Asia, yet you of course use UAE and Pakistan as examples. I wonder why.

Because this area produces the least economically successful immigrants. And because the topic title is "The Islamic World" which doesn't lend itself easily to discussion of India, the Philippines and China.

Philippines is our largest source country, followed by China and India. Considering China and India have nearly half the world population, this shouldn't be surprising at all.

It should be given China produces the NEXT least economically successful immigrants.

They were the second and third largest source countries in 1981 as well. UAE doesn't even register in the top 10, meaning there were less than 4,900 immigrants from there out of the 250,000 or so we accept in a year (against a Canadian population of 35,000,000).

I'm not sure what you think your point is. Iran is our fourth biggest source country, and Pakistan our fifth. Then comes Syria. Also in the top 25 are Afghanistan, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Bangladesh, and Iraq. All from a region which produces religious fanatics who are also  the least economically successful immigrants.

half of them under family class, meaning they were being reunited with relatives who have to sponsor and fund them.

There should be virtually NO family class immigration unless the sponsor agrees to fund them in all things, including health care, for the remainder of their lives in Canada. The instant they fail, the sponsored family member must leave Canada. This business of letting in thousands of foreign seniors to use our health care system is insanity.
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