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Re: The Islamic World
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Not to mention there's certain criteria they need to meet at all before they're even eligible to apply to Canada. In most cases, Canada only takes skilled people with families. That's before they can even be put forward to come to Canada.

Skilled people? We take people who say they're skilled, but we don't check that out in any way. Hey, did you know I have seven PHDs? Yup. Bought them all on the internet. The papers look real good, too!

In most of our source countries corruption is endemic. Why go to a university in Pakistan and get a degree when you can bribe the clerk in the office to print you up a degree for $10? Or hey, just buy it from this guy!  or these people!

A degree certificate also ensures better visa status and could be the difference between an expatriate getting a family visa or not.

Which is why, the UAE is a bustling market for these fake degrees.

What makes them so unique is that the certificates are actually issued by a real university. This is why attestation is also possible.

However, the buyer just pays up and has never attended the university or an exam.

It's not like anyone is going to check out their claims. All Canada does is hurriedly look through the paperwork, after all.
But let's say the degree is real. So? If you don't speak English very well you're probably not going to be hired anyway.
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