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Re: The Islamic World
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Refugees hoping to come to Canada are screened by UNHCR in the interim country they have fled to.

We were talking about immigrants. But the UNHCR does not 'screen' anyone. How do you imagine they would do that? They interview them, but mostly asking for their names, where they came from, and other details. The UNHCR is not equipped or trained to find out what the general cultural values are of the people they feed. Why would they even care?

If successful they are referred to and interviewed by a Canadian immigration officer, and then reviewed by CSIS.

And again, just how do you imagine anyone is 'screening' these people? I mean, seriously. They had to bring in tens of thousands in a couple of months. Most have no documents supporting who they say they are. You can't ask the Syrian goverment and you can't travel to places like Alepo, or any of the towns and villages in the contested region. Just what screening do you think there is anyway? Do they do the Vulcan Mind Meld on them?

And again, I am not talking about people who are terrorists but people with deeply misogynistic and hateful religious beliefs. Those are not screened in any way, shape or form, for either refugees or immigrants. You know this. You've argued against any value screening. Yet you continue to pretend we 'screen' people for some weird reason.
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