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Re: The Islamic World
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And how can you be blameless when you call the guy who murders 6 people in a mosque simply a "clown" when you yourself strive to stir up anti Muslim sentiment?

What would you like me to call him? Even the cops haven't broadcast a motive yet, and the idiot called cops and turned himself in right afterwards because he felt guilty.

And I don't strive to stir up anti Muslim hatred. I strive to inform people about the deficiencies of our immigration system and the problems of bringing in so many people who are unable to look after themselves and whose persistent clinging to their backward, religiously inspired social values I see as a threat to our otherwise tolerant society.

That is stirring up awareness of something I consider an important issue. And you can't do it without pointing out how backward those values are.

But that is a long way from saying things like "yes, you know, people who question Christian theology must be executed," or "Those who question that Jesus is the son of God  must be killed" which is the sorts of things we see from members of Muslim societies in much of the world.
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