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Re: The Islamic World
« Reply #60 on: March 10, 2017, 03:12:37 pm »
But you're narrowing the focus to just the West. When I refer to the greater Muslim community I'm talking about the billion and a half Muslims living out there in mostly Muslim countries. This is where the religious extremism is bred and grown, and feeds off the rigid interpretations of the Quran popular in much of the Muslim world. If you agree with those tenets, and nod your head sternly when the Imam tells you that blasphemers must die, how can you be blameless when someone kills someone they consider a blasphemer? If we see that in some countries over 90% agree that death is the appropriate punishment for people who draw cartoons of the prophet, and then people from those countries fly to Denmark to try to kill the cartoonist, do we just call those terrorists freaks who have nothing to do with Islam?

As for my taking responsibility for some clown who shoots up a mosque, I've never said or suggested a single thing which could be construed as supporting violence against anyone in Canada, nor is the society in which I am a member filled with such suggestions which are widely accepted.
And how can you be blameless when you call the guy who murders 6 people in a mosque simply a "clown" when you yourself strive to stir up anti Muslim sentiment?