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Re: The Islamic World
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Do they?  I don't even think they're aware that that is what they are doing. 

I always assume so.  If they don't, there must be a reason.  Either a person knows right from wrong or they don't.

I'd say it's context.

I'd say it was a figure of speech.

C says "Ban the burka!" - and give no thought to the unintended consequences of such an action ... such as limiting women who wear it (by choice or not) from going to school, going to work, going to a store.
L says "It is a choice for some; removing choice is not the answer because it reduces the freedom of the people you say you are trying to save".   

I've yet to have a ban-the-burka-type person explain just how banning the burka actually *helps* a woman who isn't allowed to leave the house burka-less.  It seems the most important thing to some people is that they not be subjected to the sight of a woman in a burka!  Out of sight, out of mind.  Out of sight, the problem no longer exists.   

I would never advocate banning the Burka.  I'm pro choice.  As in many other instances where choices are made, I don't need to agree with the reasons behind an individual's choice.  If a woman says she wants to wear a burka, then she should be allowed to. (Within reason.  Driver's licence, passport, public service, no)  That won't change my mind about whether or not she really wants to.

This I haven't seen, so cannot comment on it.  I see the opposite, actually:  unless one is willing to vilify Muslims and Islam, one is 'supporting fgm, supporting child-marriage and pedophilia, supporting gay-killing' etc. 

Just villify those Muslims who support it.  And those who are ambivalent about it.  That's what I do.

You will need to check your comprehension skills.   Nobody thinks terrorism is "ok", but fear-of-other makes people do things like shoot someone because they look like they are Muslim.   Given that this fear is stoked by certain groups and certain politicians, despite the reality of actually being injured or killed by a Muslim terrorist, sometimes the more rational among us think pointing out that other things are much more likely to kill you - such as lightning - might help.   

Of course, we should know that an irrational fear doesn't respond to rationality; indeed, they conclude something stupid like "oh they think terrorism is ok because more people die from lightning strikes".

The problem with the lightning analogy is that there is no chance of being killed by lightning, unless you go where a thunderstorm is.  Then the chances increase dramatically. 
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