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Re: Tesla New Vehicles
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:28:59 am »
Production problems are inevitable, especially given this is a new company with new people and a new product.
They have been at this for years. They are either complete incompetents or it is a convenient excuse.

It will disrupt their economic case. Right now dealers don't make an awful lot on new cars they sell.
Dealers are not car makers. Jobs will be lost. The question is whether the EVs represent an existential threat to existing car makers. I don't think so.

Hell, how often is an internal combustion vehicle going to drive 500 miles without stopping for the driver to rest and eat?
Even if it is only 1 time in 10 that 1 time is enough for someone to not want to risk buying an EV. I know I wouldn't. Hybrids are better options from that perspective.