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Re: Tesla New Vehicles
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:15:59 am »
I am not certain the production problems are more than an excuse to cover up underwhelming demand or to limit losses (i.e. if Telsa is losing money on every vehicle shipping fewer vehicles saves money). It is impossible to know for sure without detailed inside knowledge. I have seen one analyst make a convincing case for the underwhelming demand by looking at other data that Tesla provides.

Well, I was speaking purely of the reviews of these cars, which have all been pretty positive. Production problems are inevitable, especially given this is a new company with new people and a new product.

The only way EVs will disrupt automakers is if it means that less complexity means more competition.

It will disrupt their economic case. Right now dealers don't make an awful lot on new cars they sell. They make it up in the finance office through extended warranties, rust proofing, etc, and in the service shop, through maintenance, repairs and replacement of parts. If the they can't do this the dealers will want a much bigger piece of the original sales price of vehicles.

There are some basic laws of physics that put practical limits on what can be done with charging times. Moving to EVs will require a change in driving culture.

Battery power continues to creep up, and charging times down. I expect that to continue. Five hundred miles is plenty for a truck to make it from one charging station to another without a driver to pay. Hell, how often is an internal combustion vehicle going to drive 500 miles without stopping for the driver to rest and eat? The new sports car claims to be able to do 1000 miles on a charge. That's a gamebreaker if they can do it.
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