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Re: Tesla New Vehicles
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:09:04 am »
From all I have read they are damned good cars. The only problem is getting enough of them built.
I am not certain the production problems are more than an excuse to cover up underwhelming demand or to limit losses (i.e. if Telsa is losing money on every vehicle shipping fewer vehicles saves money). It is impossible to know for sure without detailed inside knowledge. I have seen one analyst make a convincing case for the underwhelming demand by looking at other data that Tesla provides.

The move to electric vehicles is a good one for everyone concerned except the automakers.
The only way EVs will disrupt automakers is if it means that less complexity means more competition. If Telsa's production problems are real then the big automakers will have no problems building and selling quality EVs because the have decades of experience. i.e. the companies can still make money but will likely need a lot fewer workers.

As charging becomes easier and batteries last longer it will simply make no sense whatever to have an internal combustion engine.
There are some basic laws of physics that put practical limits on what can be done with charging times. Moving to EVs will require a change in driving culture.
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