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Re: Tesla New Vehicles
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:54:10 am »
Telsa (the company) is a vehicle to consume investor cash. The truck is about creating the hype for "next big thing" to keep investor cash coming in now that it mid range sedan is built and underwhelming.

From all I have read they are damned good cars. The only problem is getting enough of them built. The move to electric vehicles is a good one for everyone concerned except the automakers. I remember seeing a documentary some time back on why they weren't building electric cars, and on it was a table showing the very limited number of moving parts in an electric vehicle which might have to be replaced/repaired. Sitting on the driveway next to it was the mass of parts one could expect to have to replace in an internal combustion engine. The automakers didn't want to bring in a car which would spend so little time in their service bays and require so few replacement parts.

As charging becomes easier and batteries last longer it will simply make no sense whatever to have an internal combustion engine. And that's quite aside from environmental considerations.
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