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Re: Tehran Air Crash
« on: January 10, 2020, 01:19:30 pm »
Iran continues to say the aircraft was not hit by a missile and that they will extract the data from the black boxes.

Iran has said it is “certain” that a Ukrainian airliner which crashed outside Tehran this week was not hit by a missile, calling on the US and others to hand over information proving otherwise.

And apparently they have already "swept" up a lot of the wreckage so of course evidence there will be lost

The black box has been recovered and will be examined.

Hassan Rezaeifar, the head of Iran's investigation team into the crash, told the press conference that the black box analysis will be done in a laboratory in Iran and that it will take up to two months to extract its data and that the entire investigation into the crash could take more than one year.

He said that Tehran will use expert help from Russia, Ukraine, France and Canada "if we cannot recover data" from the plane's recorders.

Call me cynical but I can imagine that the evidence which supports a missile strike will somehow have been "lost" by the time Canada or other experts get a look.
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