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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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We should care, and we can. Assuming is not acting.
What we should do has to based on rational assessment of cost-benefit. Engaging in expensive virtue signalling exercises that accomplish nothing useful is a waste. What makes it difficult is we have no real information on what the future costs might be which means it is impossible to justify major sacrifices today for any but the most risk adverse. 

Nuclear power is a useful example. It is a excellent way to reduce CO2 emissions but most environmentalist oppose it. That tells me that no matter what they claim about the possible outcomes from AGW they see it as less of a problem than dealing with nuclear power. IOW, if the people most concerned about AGW do not really see it as a big enough threat to justify the use of a reliable power source that they dislike then why should people less inclined to care about AGW worry about bad outcomes?
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