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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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And trying to conflate economics to climate change isn't much of an argument.
ROTFL - you really have no clue how climate scientists come up with their projections do you? Any claim of a model that estimates future consequences is first and foremost an economic model because the consequences are a question of economics. IOW - you must agree that "climate projections" are nothing but guesswork since you conceded that is all that economic  models are. This is progress.

As I previously said there are some differences among climate scientists as to best methods for trying to fix the problem, but there is consensus that it is happening.
The opinion of climate scientists on what to do is as relevant as the opinion of a bus driver because they do not have the engineering knowledge required to determine what is the most cost effective course of action. And given the fact that we agree that predictions of future consequences are nothing but guesswork that puts some limits on how much hardship we should endure today to deal with the problem.
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