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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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Tim believes you canít ever know he consequences until something happens. He doesnít believe in science because it deals in likelihoods. In other words, Tim would step in front of a truck on the highway because you canít truly know what will happen, then deal with the consequences later. Thatís his approach to climate science.
Holy Strawman Batman! The problem the AWG religion followers is they don't acknowledge the uncertainty. They claim that catastrophic consequences are a foregone conclusion or they plug a random number out of a hat (i.e. use a computer model that is completely depended on numerous assumptions about unknowns) and claim this random number is a a definitive statement of the probability of catastrophic consequences. At the same time these same alarmists refuse to consider that their pet policies have negative consequences too and ignore or minimize them.

IOW - you don't give a damn about the science of 'probabilities' or have any appreciation for how little we really know. You have simply decided what conclusion you like and ignore any thing that suggests that your pet conclusions is not necessarily reasonable and label anyone who has the temerity to disagree with your pet conclusions as 'anti-science'.