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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
« Reply #30 on: December 07, 2017, 12:31:19 am »
Personally, I have no idea what the consequences will be from CO2 but I have so much contempt for the field of climate science because of their obsession with enforcing a "consensus" for political reasons that I do not believe that scientists working in the field are capable of providing a honest assessment of the state of knowledge. I also suspect that the CO2 will disappear as an issue in the same way that the 'population bomb' disappeared as an issue in the 70-80s. i.e. a combination of improvements in technology and unexpected social change eliminated the problem without any special intervention by governments.

you have no idea of the consequences? Really? That sure hasn't stopped you from denying that anthropogenic sourced CO2 is the principal causal tie to GW/climate change. You're a one-trick pony with your perpetual denigration of the collective world-wide body of scientists. You've been repeatedly challenged to "name your names" - name the rogues gallery that you pin your denial around... that emboldens you to ignore the need for mitigation... that you rely upon to champion your, "do nothing/delay at all costs" agenda? Just name the names - sure you can! As I've stated, even if you drop a half-dozen or so names... go for a dozen even... what about the thousands upon thousands of other scientists who dedicate their lives to science without regard to your fake narrative about politicization?