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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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now member TimG, let's be clear here. You have taken extreme liberties in posturing with your linked article; specifically you state, "NOAA says"... "The NOAA does not state"... while speaking for, as you say, "actual scientists like the ones at NOAA", etc. Somehow you missed the disclaimer attached to your own linked article; this disclaimer:
Disclaimer: This draft is an evolving research assessment and not a final report. The analyses presented have not yet been peer reviewed and do not represent official positions of ESRL, NOAA, or DOC.

I've not been able to find a final published peer-reviewed version of your linked article and am willing to state one doesn't exist - certainly you can prove me wrong - yes? Now, although your linked article's author is, for the most part accepting of AGW and impacts on climate change, he takes a most significant departure in regards certain extreme events like hurricanes and (most) droughts; and accordingly, has become somewhat the go-to reference for "skeptics/contrarians"... particularly those willing to ignore his overall acceptance of AGW.

Speaking of: Contrarian NOAA Meteorologist Martin Hoerling: Freak Heat Wave ‘A Darn Good Outcome’ ---