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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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Come on. Even alarmist economists estimate the *devastating* effects of climate change will be 5% of GDP in 2100 which translates into trillions of dollars if you don't use a reasonable discount rate (see The idea that climate change will reduce population by 70% is ridiculous. Unfounded statements like that is why many people think it is all a big scam.

What does GDP have to do with people dying from extreme weather, food scarcity and resultinf conflict and diseases?

I understand you'll reject all of this as alarmist nonsense, which may be true; I hope so.   

But what if the band of disbeliebers represented through your arguments are the ones that are wrong?  What if we could have "made it" starting with innovation that is occurring now but because disbelievers such as yourself and Trump keep rejecting it, we don't and that 70% of humanity does die off?  What good is GDP or stamdard.of living then?  Does that ever cross your mind as a possibilty?  Or are you so utterly certain that you are right, despite the experts predicting decades ago what is now happening?

In 2006 the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" talked about the flooding of New York right up to the site of the Twin Towers due to sea level rise.  People scoffed.  But in 2012 it happened.   That is just one example of how the predicted effects of climate change are happening now. 

I guess it baffles me how one can literally watch as the experts predictions come true while saying "It's not happening/not going to be nearly as bad as predicted and we have no choice but to maintain our fossil fuel based economy."