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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2017, 04:45:03 pm »
Or not spending it at all because the problem will be addressed through normal human responses to change. All of the heated rhetoric over climate change mirrors the rhetoric over 'overpopulation/resource exhaustion' in the past. It disappeared as an issue because no one predicted how human populations would react to increases in wealth. I suspect something similar will happen with adaptation as populations adjust.

I have a lot of faith that humans can adjust to CC, but at what cost? Not talking about money cost here, but irreversible environmental change & destruction.  We've not seen an extinction rate like this for a very long time, humans can adapt but many other species can't.  Leveling massive acres of grassland habitats for mono-crop farming or suburban subdivisions is one thing, but altering the virtual entirety of the earth's climates & causing a significant # of extinction is quite another.

It's a purely subjective philosophical question, but at what point does humans species' standard of living became less/more important than the very existence of so many other species?  We've already done quite a number of quite a few amazing species, through cutting down rainforest yada yada.  What makes us so damn special to give us this right?
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