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Re: Technical Solutions - CO2 Removal
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in spite of repeatedly being shown the stringent auditing approaches integrated into global agreement
Global agreements like Paris are meaningless virtue signaling exercises because they presume various regimes that are already rife with corruption and unable to enforce their existing laws will suddenly be able do because they signed an "agreement". This is in a world where the CO2 obsessed EU regulators turned a blind eye while their own carmakers evaded the spirit of the regulations. The only one who naive is you because you seem to think that such a global monitoring effort is remotely plausible given the governments that exist in the real world.

the "vagaries of weather" is a real testament to the heights of your hypocrisy
The only issue here is your inability to understand logic. Asserting that there is no evidence that climate change is having a measureable effect on the weather today does not contradict the assertion that climate change effects in the future will largely be weather related. The lack of any credible link today is one of the reasons why adaptation makes more sense.

how do you reconcile an iterative adaptation only approach to ever increasing global temperatures?
Mitigation when it focuses on cost effective technologies that can actually meet the needs of human populations can still be pursued. What has to go are arbitrary targets that everyone knows will not be met and only serve and an excuse for various rent seekers looking to profit from dumb government decisions made because of the false belief that CO2 reduction targets are a priority.

you've repeatedly been shown how various policy approaches have acted to reduce country/localized specific emissions
But *local* emission reductions are largely pointless exercises. The atmosphere does not care if the UK or Canada reduces emissions by 20% if the emissions from China and India increase by 10x that amount in absolute terms. That is why I said that emissions reductions are all or nothing. Either everyone reduces emission or anyone who does reduce emissions make sacrifices for nothing. With adaptation societies look after themselves. That is the way it always has been and always should be.

The last point does not mean charity should not be offered to countries lacking the resources to deal with the effects on their own, however, it will be necessary to guard against opportunists who claim spurious connections to climate change in order access money that would not be offered otherwise.
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