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Re: Marx
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As bad as it was, it was somewhat viable ... for awhile.  Do you think YOU can design an economy ?

I was recently reading about the Holodomor... the Ukrainian famine that killed millions in the 1930s.   There are conflicting theories about the cause.  One is that it was deliberate... it was done to crush opposition or so on.  And the other is that it was simply a matter of incompetence... planners had many of Ukraine's farms switch over from wheat to sugar beets and other crops that they weren't familiar with, didn't need, or weren't suited to the region.   If the planners go to the chalkboard and come up with a plan that results in millions of people starving to death, "oops" isn't quite strong enough to cover it.

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Re: Marx
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I had a somewhat Marxist barber named Bill who was rather hunchbacked but could wield a straight razor with perfect precision. Unfortunately it was his electric clippers that kept nipping my ears though.

He enjoyed discussing the complete destruction of societal norms with regard to decency and self-respect, and how everything has turned to **** over the last half century. He was also a progressive urbanist who had a great late-19th century barbershop in Winnipeg's Chinatown, complete with 19th century Chinese steam bath. Unfortunately the steam baths operated as a 24-hour gay bath house and one of their itinerant customers burned the place down one night.