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Re: Socialism
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If you're a worker and think giant corporations make huge profits you're not sharing in with this booming economy, then there's this thing called the stock market where you can buy small pieces of these giant corporations and share in all the profits they do.  If you bought an ETF into the US S&P 500 5 years ago you would have doubled your money.

Most people are too stupid though.  Instead of buying an old used car (cars are a horrible investment) and buying an ETF or GIC with the money they save, they go buy ie: a car they can't really afford, which means wealth-sucking car payments every month so you can look cool.  I don't know how many people I know who make very modest salaries but drive a Mercedes or Audi etc.  TFSAs and RRSPs are there but many people don't use them.  But they'll use one of the big 5 banks, which give you horrible interest, compared to an online bank that can give you up to 2% interest on your savings...which people don't have anyways because they're maxing out their credit cards to go travel once or twice a year, which my parents never ever did when i was growing up but they did end up paying off their mortgage quite quickly.

Many Canadians are taking advantage of this hot market though, because housing prices have skyrocketed, meaning anyone owning a home in the last 5-10 yrs in a decent market, especially the "hardest places to live" like Vancity and TO has made a ****-ton of money.  As for young people, well, interest rates have been ridiculously low the last 10 years, so what's your excuse?
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