Author Topic: Should the U.S. Embassy in Germany Have Moved from Bonn to Berlin?  (Read 308 times)

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You accused the Palestinians of wanting to declare ALL of Jerusalem as their capitol, when in fact it's your buddy Trump who is allowing Israel to claim it all. so you seem to have it backwards.

The Palestinians THEMSELVES say that All of Jerusalem is to be their capital.

Haniya stressed the fact that the Palestinians see Jerusalem as united and the capital of their future state.
"Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, is ours," he said

Your vast ignorance about everything even peripherally related with the middle east is on display yet again.

As far as Trump goes, I would say my condemnation of him has been as thorough, as knowledgeable and insightful as anyone's, and certainly far moreso than your adolescent virtue signaling  as you rub your flaccid thoughtlessness up against your counterparts on the other site.
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