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Re: Saturation Diving
« on: May 22, 2018, 11:56:19 am »

Don't read this if you are claustrophobic.

I used to do support work for offshore oil rigs and one such rig off the coast of west Africa had a session of saturation diving to do repair work on the legs of the semi submersible. If I had time to kill on the rig I would go chat with whichever crew was "in the tube". These guys were one man to a tube so it certainly did tweak my sense of claustrophobia. There was a plexiglass window and a mic and speaker with which to converse . They seemed to enjoy being visited and not hard to see why after spending your work day all alone except for the odd school of tuna going by. One of the guys in this group was a Canadian. We kept in touch and lo and behold years later we ended up living in the same city in Canada. And chatting over beers at the same pub. Unfortunately he had lung damage which resulted from the wear and tear of simply doing that job for too long. And also unfortunately, he wasn't able to kick the smoking habit and has recently developed a tumor on the other lung. He's not likely to be here much longer. ( I guess I'm drifting into the "personal stuff" thread a bit). But I had never heard of saturation diving until I was on that rig, and had I not have discovered it then I likely would never have. It's a different world for sure. It did pay well but it's a hell of a trade off.