Author Topic: Russia, the Oligarchs, and the Bitkov family  (Read 59 times)

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Re: Russia, the Oligarchs, and the Bitkov family
« on: May 03, 2018, 03:46:14 pm »
Well MH if the point is Putin and the Russian mob he is a henchman for control Russia with a Stalinist grip y ou'd be dead on.

Now mind you Vlad the Impaler is for us in the West a blatant dictator. In Russia, many love him. They grew up with no concept of democracy. They come from a culture of chauvinism-fierce state patriotism and might is right mentality. Russian history is one of warrior chavenism. I guess in that respect its like the US. Military power and men with strong power are admired.

Well for me, there is little difference between Putin and Trump. Both have small hands, huge narcissistic egos and compensate for inner insecurities. I do think though yes on an i.q. level, Putin is way up over Trump. I believe Putin is a classic sociopath and has no emotions or any feelings of remorse and easily can kill. I do believe on the other hand Trump unlike Putin has feelings, in fact feelings he can not control and drive him to seek constant acceptance in the forum of cry outs for attention on his twitter.

I doubt if Putin cares about anyone or anything other than what suits his need at the moment I think Trump however unlike Putin wants to be liked not just feared while Putin is quite happy simply being feared. That's a big difference. I believe because of it, Trump can be manipulated by flattery while Putin can not be

All that said the man running China is even more formidable than Putin or Trump. To have eradicated any opposition as he has in the Chinese Communist Party and to achieve the iron rule he has over every aspect of Chinese politics had not happened since the days of Mao and even in Mao's last 10 years or so he lost control. What you have is Putin a Stalin wannabee with a bankrupt nation, If Putin's country had any money it would have waged a war long ago, He's all hot air. He has no money to maintain any prolonged war anywhere. China on the other hand while Russia has struggled to feed its soldiers, has expanded its air force and navy to the point of direct challenge in sheer numbers to the US.

Now whether China's actual jet fighters are any good or they are just inferior imitation Russian Jets with stolen French and American designs is anyone's guess. Their navy now is a legitimate force. Its a direct match for theUS and Russia.

Putin is a psycho yes but I think China is the more formidable foe-its leader seems to be a Borg from Star Trek. Resistance may be futile. Putin is more like a Klingon yearning for the early years of the Klingon Empire to return . As for Trump I don't doubt he thinks he is James Tiberius Kirk of the US Enterprise but he's just an obese  Ferengi. His wife Melania is a Romulan for sure. This French President from what I can see does not want to be Jean Luc Picard but instead Lt. Ohoura to Trump's Enterprise. The only way to describe Trudeau in all this is one of those background singers from the Lawrence Welk Show.
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