Author Topic: Russia vs Ukraine war  (Read 12001 times)

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Re: Russia vs Ukraine war
« Reply #435 on: November 19, 2022, 01:13:44 pm »
Well, looks like they're saying the missile was actually fired from a Ukrainian air defence system.

It's a relief that it's not Russia's missile and Poland has no intention of invoking article 4.

What’s crazy is that before anything was really know about what exactly happened, Zelensky quickly pushed for NATO to intervene and declare war on Russia.  He doesn’t give a **** about starting WWIII.  He’s almost as irresponsible as Putin.

Yeah **** that guy for trying to get the international community to help stop the attacks on his country, amirite?

Terrible week for Putin.  Lost Kherson, lost the US midterms, very very sad, you hate to see it.

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