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Re: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)
« Reply #2910 on: March 03, 2021, 10:39:01 am »
I think, considering Canada's relationship with the US and Europe, who have handled this Pandemic the worst, we've done well containing the virus.

But our vaccine plans have proven to be an abject failure. It's good that we don't have out-of-control spread and death.

Agree.  But we've also been at the mercy of suppliers, given our domestic incapacity.  I'd say our vaccine plans have been mediocre but really there's not a TON more we could have done.  We aren't the US in terms of vaccines no matter what.  I have friends in the US in their 30's getting vaccines right now, but they've also contracted COVID because they live in a southern state filled with idiots and half of their coworkers are refusing to get vaccinated.

Thankful the deathrates on COVID aren't enormously high, 2.5% death rate in Canada.  It's not the black death, could be so much worse, wake-up call for future prep.
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