Author Topic: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)  (Read 73627 times)

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Re: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)
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This message was approved by the Liberal Party of Canada.

hey Gorgeous, perhaps you and the shytehead's that thought your post was funny could explain just what a Bloomberg analysis/rating of 53 country economies has to do with the Liberal Party of Canada... hey!

just imagine, Bloomberg... one of the largest global market information organizations, had the audacity to score 53 country economies and publish an analysis and ranking to indicate the effectiveness of the handling of the virus combined with the least amount of disruption to business and society. In so doing, Bloomberg considered key metrics that included, among others, the viral caseload, mortality rate, effectiveness of trace, treat, and isolate strategy, the capacity of the health care system, the impact of lockdowns, freedom of movement of the population, and vaccine supply arrangement. Apparently, to some, Bloomberg ranking Canada at 12th position... has the approval of the Liberal Party of Canada. No word on how the federal Liberal Government of Canada views this ranking placement... equally, no word on how the respective federal Opposition Parties view this ranking.