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Re: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)
« Reply #2895 on: February 24, 2021, 10:59:18 pm »
too bad you couldn't offer any positive comment about the efforts the Trudeau Liberal government has made towards vaccine procurement; 

You think people should be praising yer boy for this sad state of affairs?   I'm not going to pump his tires; that's your job. 

 I posted last week saying that I didn't think it was fair to put all the blame on JT and the Sunshine Gang, that's about the most enthusiastic praise I can muster. Canadians will still be waiting for vaccines well after other advanced nations have reached the levels required to start reopening. I'm not sure what positive comment you think is warranted.

in any case, good on ya for the CanSino mention... and showcasing your usual naviety! As it turns out the Chinese government has approved 2 Chinese sourced vaccines; Sinovac & Sinopharm. CanSino has not been approved for vaccinating the Chinese populace. Aside from critical review on the questionable Phase 3 clinical trial results, just in recent days, Mexico became the first country to grant 'emergency use' approval to the CanSino vaccine... done because Mexico, like so many other countries, is facing a shortage of available vaccines doses from Pfizer & Moderna - go figure, hey!

That the CanSino vaccine apparently sucks doesn't make JT look any smarter for having gambled on those magic beans in the first place.

a little reminder of what actually transpired concerning the proposed CanSino Phase 3 clinical trial in Canada:
CanSinoBIO moved on to sign partnership agreements with companies in Russia, South America and East Africa - where that so-called, "heavy disease burden" suitable for Phase 3 trials exists.

We've found out since then that the shipment was blocked by China's Customs agency, not over concerns about whether Canada was suitable for trials.

Masked for your safety.
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