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Re: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)
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We better be careful, they might withhold our supply of CanSino Biologics vaccine.

too bad you couldn't offer any positive comment about the efforts the Trudeau Liberal government has made towards vaccine procurement; in any case, good on ya for the CanSino mention... and showcasing your usual naviety! As it turns out the Chinese government has approved 2 Chinese sourced vaccines; Sinovac & Sinopharm. CanSino has not been approved for vaccinating the Chinese populace. Aside from critical review on the questionable Phase 3 clinical trial results, just in recent days, Mexico became the first country to grant 'emergency use' approval to the CanSino vaccine... done because Mexico, like so many other countries, is facing a shortage of available vaccines doses from Pfizer & Moderna - go figure, hey!

a little reminder of what actually transpired concerning the proposed CanSino Phase 3 clinical trial in Canada:

... in any case, some interesting comments have recently come forward from the founder & CEO of CanSinoBIO, Xuefeng Yu. If you don't know, Yu's story in why he originally left China, got his Ph.D. from McGill, then worked 20+ years in the Canadian biopharmaceutical industry... suggests his comments are not politically motivated.

Yu suggests decisions in China on whether to send the vaccine to Canada were “caught in bureaucratic indecision” that occurred right after the Chinese government changed the process for shipping vaccines out of the country subsequent to the signing of Canada's NRC agreement with CanSino. Additionally, there was questioning on the "value add" of the proposed Canadian trial since CanSinoBIO had already completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials in China... and, as Yu highlights, Canada lacks a "high disease burden" required for Phase 3 trials:

Quote from: Xuefeng Yu - founder and CEO of CanSinoBIO
In citing the comparatively small number of COVID-19 cases in Canada: "Canada is not an ideal place to run phase three"

CanSinoBIO moved on to sign partnership agreements with companies in Russia, South America and East Africa - where that so-called, "heavy disease burden" suitable for Phase 3 trials exists.