Author Topic: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)  (Read 16005 times)

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Re: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)
« Reply #1785 on: August 04, 2020, 02:43:26 am »
It bears mentioning that a strict lockdown of just 3 months duration would be enough to reduce cases to near 0.

Or even just masks!  It would be so helpful.  No, they're not 100%, I get that, but it's better than zero and they're not infringing on your god-damned rights, they're not a mark of the beast, the vaxxers aren't out to chip you and they sure at hell don't lower your oxygen level.

I get the whole anti-lockdown argument, but the masks are just such an easy way for us to all avoid another serious lockdown but these COVIDIOTS want the worst of both worlds.

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