Author Topic: Covid Culture (was Outbreak Culture)  (Read 34025 times)

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Re: Outbreak Culture
« Reply #840 on: April 10, 2020, 11:18:09 am »
In terms of raw numbers, they {the U.S.} have tested more people.  They also have tests that provide results in 15 minutes.

wait a minute... what about Trump's boastful pledge that, 'everyone who wants a test, gets a test'? And the complete lack of early testing when most needed - you know, when Trump was ignoring/downplaying the virus for those LOST 2 months!

wait a second minute: what happened to Jared's must touted drive-through enterprise - that as of just days ago, has resulted in a grand total of 5 drive through locations across the entire U.S.. Sure, sure, manBoyKushner needed something to do given his monumental failures in his roles attempting to solve the opioid crisis and the Israel-Palestine conflict... and Trump only hires the best!  ;D

wait a third minute: what about all the uproar over Trump pulling federal funding for state-level testing sites? To the point that the intense backlash to the funding pull-back only resulted in a rescind of that intent... last night! 

wait a... another minute: what about the lack of U.S. federal oversight in providing testing standards (including metrics)... to the point the U.S. CDC was forced to stop a national tracking of testing given the wide disparity in how testing is being done at the state level?

Trump, Kushner, and Navarro - the Dunning-Kruger trifecta!