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Re: Outbreak Culture
« Reply #840 on: April 10, 2020, 10:09:01 am »
Stop carrying water for an authoritarian government.  And stop disseminating Chinese government propaganda.  Stop letting your dislike for Trump cloud your ability to think logically.  Pretend Trump doesnít even exist when you evaluate China.  Pretend Obama is president if you have to.  Just because one holds China rightly accountable for their actions doesnít mean that they love Trump.  You can both criticize Trump, and criticize China at the same time.  Itís not an either or.

ya ya, says the Trump proponent - you! The waldo has never said China is above criticism; however, some members on this board aspire to fact-based testimony... should be a refreshing difficult change for you! My exercise caution stands - none of which is your described, "carrying water or disseminating propaganda"! Perhaps you could take up the challenge member kimmy has (repeatedly) ignored; but note, your sources will be heavily scrutinized as to their legitimacy.

the waldo suggests member kimmy exercise caution in blindly accepting ALL statements critical of China - given the voracious appetite Trumpites have in deflecting Trump failures/incompetence toward China... in influencing the narrative cast by compliant media towards China failures (instead of Trump failures), thinking persons should be very diligent in source selection. As an example re-quoted above, I've already challenged you (several times with re-posts) to present a reputable sourced timeline that draws distinction between what China did (or didn't do) in terms of domestic versus international obligations... where I, in particular ask you to relate your implied missing international obligations.
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