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Re: Outbreak Culture
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China's efforts to cover up the SARS outbreak even after Dec 31 when it was clear they knew what they had on their hands are unforgivable.

Wuhan is a city of apparently 11 million, it's an international business hub, it's a tourist destination for Yangtze River cruises apparently. Countless people would have come and gone from Wuhan during December.

If you don't recognize that their efforts to cover up the virus outbreak during that time are betrayal of their responsibility to not just their own citizens but to the rest of the world as well, then you need a kind of help I just can't give you.

As for John McCallum... if you don't like being compared to John McCallum, stop acting like John McCallum.

As for scumbag lawyering... if you don't like the accusation of scumbag lawyering, then stop lawyering for scumbags.  I'm completely baffled by your determination to make excuses for Chinese animal traffickers and "traditional Chinese medicine" practitioners.

Yes, for some reason some people have taken to defending Chinaís irresponsible behaviour.  China at best was grossly irresponsible, and at worst purposely deceitful.  They tried to cover their mess up as long as they could, until it wasnít possible anymore.  The data they initially released indicted an outbreak something similar to SARS, when it was much much worse.  As a result, other countries, particularly in Europe were caught completely unprepared.  Itís time that countries banded together and cancel some of their debt that China holds.  Itís the only way to ensure that China takes the right steps in the future.  As this is the third pandemic to arise in China in recent times.  Enough is enough.