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Re: Outbreak Culture
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Malaria can only be transferred by the females of certain species of mosquito which are not native to Canada, although global warming may change that.

My father spent two years in Southeast Asia during WW2 and one of the things he got was malaria. In the fifties he had a relapse which nearly killed him. He was never isolated when he was recovering in hospital.

I contracted p-falciparum years ago on Bioko Island off the west coast of Africa. That type is the deadliest form of malaria. I was treated there and felt good by the time I was headed home. Three days back in Canada and I had a relapse. The treatment here did the job and  I was never isolated in either country since the medical profession is well aware that malaria is not communicable between humans. I did have a lot of pin holes in my left arm from blood samples monitoring the progress of the treatment.