Author Topic: One way chinese entertain their children. Disgusting beyond belief!  (Read 111 times)

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The smiling children giggled as they patted the young goat on its head and tickled it behind the ears. Some of the more boisterous ones tried to
clamber onto the animal's back but were soon shaken off with a quick wiggle of its bottom.
It could have been a happy scene from a family zoo anywhere in the world but for what happened next.

No need to start a new thread on racism when Omni has put this one up to serve the purpose!
And there's little doubt that hating Chinese people is the main point the OP was meant to get across to us.

Racism ties in very nicely with what's happening in the land of the gun these days!

Pointing out cultural differences is always a sure winner when demonizing a country is the first priority. Americans don't have the stomach for bombing 'people' or 'children'. No 'people' were harmed in Vietnam, at least as it was happening.

It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no sense in what he said. ~M.T.