Author Topic: Machete Wielding Man Shot Dead Outside the Louvre  (Read 624 times)

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Re: Machete Wielding Man Shot Dead Outside the Louvre
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Except there's no vetting that's going to show everything.  The scary thing is one can live a mild mannered life and not draw attention to themselves thus passing vetting and then all of a sudden fall off the apple cart. 
True, and some people can live a mild-mannered life in Canada and then fall off the apple cart.  I guess there is no way to entirely eliminate all risk, whether it's from Islamic terrorism or home-grown terrorism.  Other than eliminating the reason for terrorism such as ...

  the best way to make things more secure here is for economic growth to happen in the Middle East under a steady rule of law, that way a lot of them have no reason to come here as things are better over there.
I agree, and perhaps the first step in achieving that is to stop our interventions in the region and stop all proxy wars.   But what are the chances?