Author Topic: Long Divided, Iran Unites Against Trump and Saudis in a Nationalist Fervor (Really Because of That?)  (Read 83 times)

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In response to Cuck's last response its like being asked which one do you want to die slow and painfully from, liver cancer or pancreatic cancer.
I can hear Cuck now, don't care-just leave the bottle and the pills and get the phack out.

On a more cheerier note, the European Union attempt to placate Iran via Obama's pathetic display will go down as a monumental error of appeasement like Neville Chamberlain centuries from now but at the moment the world does what it does on an individual or collective level, it engages in the psychological exercise of denial and abuser identification. It believes if it turns its boogy man into a creature with human qualities it won't feel so endangered by the boogy man. Well Chamberlain did say Hitler was a reasonable person.

Iran has proven what was evident. It is an extremist nation using the money it got back when the sanctions were lifted not to build its country but instead to finance terrorism around the world.

Iran has some people in an open air Shiite extremist prison unable to build and create a country and trapped in a primal society ruled by a few Alpha male baboons. Its students, its free thinkers, all have had to leave. Its a shame.

Its no.1 adversary Saudi Arabia now as a new Prince who is hell bent on defeating Iran and creating his own empire. These two nations are like two feuding factions in the Klingon Empire if I may use that analogy.

The Russians are the Cardassians. So you got Cardassians, Borg and a feuding faction of the Klingons and then you got the other Klingon faction and who else? Right now the Captain of the USS Enterprise is completely incompetent and I am not sure if the Star Fleet Academy is capable of training anymore Picards let alone Kirks or Janeways.
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