Author Topic: Is Israel of Strategic Value to the U.S., Canada and the West?  (Read 718 times)

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Either the West Bank is Israeli territory, in which case Israel is, as people have accused it of being, an apartheid state which does not allow the same freedoms to its residents as it does to Jews, or it's an occupied foreign territory that Israel will wind up giving back.

You think Israel will give it back?  Not in a million years.

The current gov of Netanyahu will never give it back, doesn't believe in a 2-state solution, and believes the entirety all belongs to Israel based on 2000 year old land claims.

Some will argue the settlement building is done for negotiation leverage.  The settlement building is done in order to annex and claim the land.  If the Israeli army were to roll in to the WB and kick the out the remaining Palestinians, who would stop them?
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