Author Topic: Is Israel of Strategic Value to the U.S., Canada and the West?  (Read 753 times)

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In your 'support' of Israel, do you think Israel has any intention of ever giving up the West Bank to Jordan (even if Jordan wanted it)?

I think they would. It would solve a lot of their problems. I don't think Jordan would want it, though. They'd have to be offered a very hefty bribe, and probably security assurances and assistance. The Palestinians tried to take over their country once before after all.

And yes, I'm aware they are technically ALL Palestinians.

And if this perfect scenario does not come to fruition, are you ok with Israel demolishing Palestinian homes, schools,, livelihood and basic necessities and building Jewish settlements on them?

I'm opposed to building Jewish settlements in the West Bank. And I'm opposed to any and all injustices. I don't think those homes and energy infrastructure should have been demolished. It sounds like some officious local doing it without the consent of the law.
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