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Re: International Jewish Voices
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An open letter to the Toronto Jewish Community regarding the UJA Walk with Israel

On Monday, May 20, members of the Toronto Jewish community will participate in the annual Walk with Israel, which is taking place in the Bathurst and Wilson area. Independent Jewish Voices, a national organization which advocates for human rights and peace with justice in Israel-Palestine, will once again be present with allies from other groups to demonstrate that the Jewish community in Canada is not unified in its attitudes towards the state of Israel.

Indeed, like tens of thousands of Jews worldwide, we oppose Israelís ongoing illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and its regime of violence, intimidation and incarceration aimed at the Palestinian population of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. We challenge those who offer unconditional support for Israel to ask themselves if they would support the same violations of human rights and international law anywhere else in the world. We affirm that our criticism of Israel comes from an embrace of both Jewish and universal humanitarian values and has no relation whatsoever to antisemitism.

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